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Francisco Liu


  • Pabellón 11-23
  • Nivel 01
  • Stand 2812

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AC VFD Drilling Rig

It adopts integrated design of mechanical, electrical and digital. Its major functions realize digital control, and it possesses elementary functions of automation, intelligence and information. Structural design of rig components adopts advanced and proven technology of China and overseas, which has advantages of reliable operation, convenient mobilization and economic running to meet HSE requirements .


Triplex motor direct drive series drilling pump set 1?With the small gear shaft used by AC variable frequency motor to directly drive mud pump, the mid-transmission system is eliminated, making it more compact, improving transmission efficiency, and reducing the energy loss; 2?The pump set is light, and has a small footprint, good mobility, simple structure, and reduced failure points; 3?The AC variable frequency motor which adopts special design has a long lifetime, high reliability and stability.

Direct Top Drive

No mechanical variable transmission mechanism; forward of main shaft driven directly by motor. Bearing is grease lubricated, without gear lubrication oil and cooling and filtering system, reducing sealing mechanism and easy for maintenance. Equipment groups are modularized by functions, with good assembly manufacturability. Modular structure is simple hence less fault points and lower fault occurrence.

Drilling Tool Conveyor Device

Drilling tool conveyor device is mainly used for conveying and positioning of slender members such as drill stem, drill collar, drill bit, sleeve, etc. between front field and drill floor during drilling operation. Drilling tool conveyor device consists of mechanical system, hydraulic system and electrical system. The structural system mainly consists of bed, rotating arm, support arm and V-ramp all of which are jointed by pins.

Flexible Water Tanks

Flexible water tank used for the fracturing operation; A shale gas fracturing construction site: Fracturing fluid total amount: 2000 square Fracturing pitcher: 45 pieces Volume: 45 cubic meters /piece The occupied area of single tank: 16? The total occupied area: 725? Honghua flexible tank advantage A Type flexible tank common tank Fracturing fluid total amount (cube): 2000 2000 The volume of single tank (cube) 180 45 The number of tank (piece) 12 45